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1. Introduction

Student assessment is a vital part of the learning process. It is integral to students formation and the development of graduates who are capable of making a significant contribution to society. Assessment is the process whereby student learning outcomes are determined, feedback is given to students on their progress and final result grades are awarded.

Accordingly, this Policy applies to all coursework units offered by ACU, including off-shore units, and those coursework units completed as part of an honours or research degree. It does not apply to the examination of research theses1.

This Policy and Procedures reflects the values in the University's Mission Statement and the student-centred learning paradigm explicated in the University's Strategic Plan 2009 - 2011. The Policy sits within and relates to an existing policy framework, which includes the Academic Regulations and Academic Honesty Policy (see Appendix A for a list of links to related documents).

1 For details on examination of postgraduate research theses, see Research and Professional Doctorate Degree Regulations.