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Application for admission to ACU can be made in one of two ways, through a Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC), or directly to ACU. The process applicable to different categories of applications is set out below.

Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC) Applications

Applicants for undergraduate courses (excluding Indigenous and fourth year Education upgrade courses), and postgraduate pre-service teaching courses in Queensland and Victoria should apply through the relevant state Tertiary Admissions Centre:
Queensland - QTAC: www.qtac.edu.au
New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory - UAC: www.uac.edu.au
Victoria - VTAC: www.vtac.edu.au

A small number of undergraduate courses is offered by direct entry. Visit www.acu.edu.au/136077

Direct Entry Applications

Applicants for postgraduate, Honours, Indigenous, fourth year Education upgrade, pathway and some undergraduate courses apply directly to the University via the online application system. Visit www.acu.edu.au/136077

International Applicants

International applicants (classified as those who wish to study on-campus in Australia using a Student Visa, Temporary Resident Visa or other temporary visa) apply directly to the University through the International Education Office.

Web: www.acu.edu.au/international/66278
Phone: (+61 2) 9739 2437
E-mail: international.admissions@acu.edu.au

Research Applicants

Research applicants apply directly to the University through the Office of Research.
Web: www.acu.edu.au/136130
Candidature and scholarships e-mail: res.cand@acu.edu.au

Research Services Officer (Canberra, North Sydney, Strathfield)
Phone: (+61 2) 9739 2588
Fax: (+61 2) 9739 2870

Research Services Officer (Brisbane)
Phone: (+61 7) 3623 7294
Fax: (+61 7) 3623 7328

Research Services Officer (Ballarat, Melbourne)
Phone: (+61 3) 9953 3154
Fax: (+61 3) 9953 3315

Additional Information and Supporting Documents

Some courses also require submission of ACU Additional Information Forms and/or evidence of previous study/professional experience.

All supporting documents must be supplied before an application can be assessed and should be provided with the direct application.

All applicants are required to verify, at the time of submitting their application, that supporting documents are true copies of the original documents and that incomplete or incorrect information provided may result in the withdrawal of any offer and/or cancellation of enrolment.

For further information visit www.acu.edu.au/251326.

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