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Part A - Preliminary

Academic Honesty Policy

1. Commitment to academic honesty and integrity

Academic honesty and integrity are fundamental principles of the University as an institution devoted to the pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching, research and service, and to respecting the value and dignity of each person. Conduct which breaches academic honesty attacks the integrity of learning and scholarship, contravenes academic values of respect for knowledge, scholarship and scholars, and represents a form of fraud.

Academic dishonesty is behaviour which has the effect of or is designed or calculated to provide a misleading basis for admission, assessment or academic progression or any academic advantage or advancement to which the person is not entitled, and includes any conduct which constitutes a breach of the Assessment Policy.

2. Interpretation

For the purpose of this Policy, ‘Student’ includes:

  1. a person who is enrolled in any program, unit of study or research or non-award study offered by or at the University;
  2. a student of another university or other education provider who is granted temporary or on-going rights of access to a campus or site of the University;
  3. a person who has applied for admission to undertake study offered by or at the University;
  4. a person who has deferred enrolment in a program, unit or non-award study;
  5. a person who was previously enrolled in any program, unit or non-award study offered by or at the University and is interacting with the University in relation to his or her status as a student;
  6. a person who was a student at the time of any alleged breach of academic honesty.