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Recommended Health Procedures

Undergraduate nursing and physiotherapy students will be required during their course to undertake clinical/field education programs at hospitals and other health agencies. They will deal with many people, some of whom may have a communicable disease. This places students at risk of acquiring one of those diseases. Also, a student who has a communicable disease places clients at risk. Immunisation is one of the most effective public health measures for the control of communicable diseases, protecting both the individual and the general community.

For the protection of students and their clients, evidence of vaccination status is required by certain health care agencies prior to attendance. This must be in the form of either a signed Statutory Declaration or documentation from a medical practitioner.

If vaccinations are incomplete, opportunities for clinical/field placement will be limited and progress in the clinical practice program may be affected.

To reduce health risks and to facilitate progress in the clinical/field education program the Faculty of Health Sciences strongly recommends that all students:

  1. have a tuberculin test. If the tuberculin test is negative, a vaccination against tuberculosis is recommended;
  2. be up-to-date in their vaccinations against:
    1. Diphtheria
    2. Haemophilus influenza type B
    3. Hepatitis A (mandatory for entry to anatomy teaching laboratory)
    4. Hepatitis B
    5. Measles
    6. Mumps
    7. Pertussis (mandatory for entry to anatomy teaching laboratory)
    8. Pneumococcal pneumonia
    9. Poliomyelitis
    10. Rubella
    11. Tetanus

Undergraduate physiotherapy students will be required to present evidence of their current immunisation status, including immunisations in progress, by HECS census date in semester 1, 2011. This is a requirement for access to the anatomy teaching laboratory. It is a further requirement of this course that you complete the recommended immunisation schedules (see list above) and provide evidence of such prior to HECS census date in semester 2, 2011.

As health professionals, all students should take responsibility for their own health and ensure that they do not place themselves or others at risk.

The Faculty of Health Sciences requests that students complete a Declaration of Understanding Relating to Health Procedures form, available from the School offices.