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Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Paramedicine


320 credit points (cp)

Minimum duration: 4 years full-time or equivalent part-time.

Course available at:
Ballarat Victoria
Brisbane Queensland

EFTSL value of units: All 10cp units in this course have an EFTSL value of 0.125. Units with a cp value of a multiple of 10 have corresponding EFTSL values.

1. Admission Requirements1

To be eligible for admission to the course, an applicant must have completed the following prerequisites at year 12 level, or equivalent.

Prerequisites: English (4, SA).

Prerequisites: Units 3 and 4 a study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or 25 in any other English.

2. Requirements for Completion of the Degrees

To qualify for the degree, a student must complete 320 cp, consisting of:

  1. 230 cp from the Schedule of Unit Offerings for the Bachelor of Nursing, consisting of:
    1. 100 cp from Inter-professional Learning Units;
    2. 60 cp from Nursing Theory Units;
    3. 60 cp from Clinical Nursing Practice Units;
    4. 10cp from the Clinical Nursing Specialty Elective Unit: NRSG358 High Dependency Nursing Practice;
  2. 90 cp from Paramedicine Units.

3. Admission Requirements Honours Degree1

To be eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree a student must satisfy the admission requirements set out in the rules for the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree.

4. Requirements for Completion of the Honours Degree

A student may qualify for the Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)/Bachelor of Paramedicine degree by satisfying the additional honours requirements set out in the rules for honours in the Bachelor of Nursing degree.

5. Progression within the Course

Students normally complete a unit or units at an introductory level (100-level) in an approved sequence before undertaking advanced level units (200 or 300-level) in that sequence.

In all aspects of progress through the course, students will be advised by the Course Coordinator and bound by decisions of the School Committee.

Schedule of Unit Offerings

Click here for Unit Descriptions

Prerequisite (Pre), co-requisite (Co) incompatible (Inc) are indicated in parentheses where applicable.

Inter-professional Learning

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
BIOL119 10 Foundation Biological Science 1
BIOL120 10 Foundation Biological Science 2
HLSC110 10 Beginning Professional Practice
HLSC111 10 The Person, Health and Wellbeing
HLSC120 10 Society, Culture and Health
HLSC121 10 Health Assessment
HLSC122 10 Inquiry in Health Care
HLSC210 10 Mental Health and Illness
HLSC220 10 Health Care Ethics
HLSC241 10

Spirituality in Health Care

Nursing Theory

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
NRSG257 10 Child, Adolescent and Family Nursing (Inc: NRPL257)
NRSG258 10 Acute Care Nursing 1 (Inc: NRPL258)
NRSG259 10 Promoting Health in Extended Care
NRSG353 10 Acute Care Nursing 2
NRSG366 10

Partnerships in Chronicity (Inc: NRPL366)

NRSG367 10 Transition to Professional Nursing (Inc: NRPL367)

Clinical Nursing Practice

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
NRSG137 10 Introduction to Nursing Practice
NRSG261 10 Clinical Integration: Acute Care
NRSG262 10 Clinical Integration: Mental Health
NRSG354 10 Clinical Integration: Complex Care
NRSG355 20

Clinical Integration: Towards Professional Practice

Clinical Nursing Specialty Unit

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
NRSG358 10 High Dependency Nursing Practice

Paramedicine Units

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ALHT104 10 Foundations of Paramedic Practice
ALHT203 10 Traumatology in Paramedicine
ALHT204 10 Paramedic Practice: Traumatology
ALHT205 10 Environmental and Endocrine Emergencies
ALHT206 10 Integrated Paramedic Practice
ALHT209 10

Paramedic Practice: Cardiovascular Emergencies

ALHT303 10 Paramedic Practice: Obstetric and Paediatric Emergencies
ALHT304 10 Synergy in Paramedic Practice
ALHT305 10 Pre-hospital Major Incident Management

1A student must also comply with the Admission Rules.