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Lists show family names first followed by other names or initials. Abbreviations of religious orders and institutions are shown in small capitals. Next, honours and decorations, and professional abbreviations such as TC, TPC, TSTC (to indicate a teaching qualification), RN, etc (for registered nurses) and various nursing certificates, ending with a comma. Then names are followed by awards from universities, colleges of advanced education, etc with the name of the institution (usually abbreviated) in brackets. In general, the University uses the abbreviation preferred by the Association of Commonwealth Universities, and also follows the Associations practice in not printing gradations such as Honours, Distinctions, Merit, etc and in omitting a degree subsumed by a higher one from the same institution (eg BA MA is shown as MA). Qualifications of this University are followed by (ACU). Memberships and fellowships are shown last.

The list also indicates the position held by the person and the campus at which they are located.