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Faculty Introduction

Welcome to the Faculty of Education at Australian Catholic University (ACU).

The Faculty of Education in ACU has a reputation as a leading provider of quality teacher education. We offer learning, professional development and research opportunities for prospective teachers, practising educators and leaders, education researchers and related professionals. Working with partners in schools, early childhood settings, communities, agencies and governments, we are constantly seeking new and improved ways to support Australia’s education system.

Currently the Faculty provides courses for over 7000 students, making it the second largest provider of teacher education programs in Australia. A qualification from ACU will give you access to a dynamic profession that will provide you with an opportunity to guide the development of young people from early childhood through to secondary school and the ability for graduates to work in a range of areas.

The Faculty is guided by a fundamental concern for justice and equity where graduates are highly competent teachers and leaders with a commitment to the promotion of social justice, equity and the common good and their actions reflecting a respect for all human beings. Nationally, the Faculty is a leading provider of programs for Indigenous students with 229 students enrolled in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs in 2010. On an international scale, the Faculty is involved with partnerships with overseas educational organisations delivering programs for disadvantaged communities in East Timor, Mauritius and Pakistan.

We offer both undergraduate and postgraduate preservice teacher education programs. An integral part of the programs is the professional experience component that embeds practice with theory. The programs provide opportunities for preservice teachers to apply and reflect upon a diverse range of educational practices appropriate for learners in early childhood, primary, secondary and special classroom settings.

The Faculty’s undergraduate programs have a reputation of high academic rigour that meets accreditation standards, with strength in the national priorities of literacy, numeracy, science and technology education. The preservice education courses and education pathway courses prepare you for a career in education in areas such as government and the independent and Catholic education sectors in Australia and internationally.

In addition to the four year undergraduate teacher education programs the Faculty offers a suite of graduate entry preservice teacher education programs for primary and secondary teaching. We also offer awards in the related area of disability studies such as the Bachelor of Inclusive Education and Disability Studies. Graduates qualify with a holistic view of disability and the social structures that influence learning and development for people with a disability.

With a focus on preparing professional educators for lifelong learning the Faculty offers a range of postgraduate programs to continue the professional learning of educators at all levels of the teaching profession.

The Faculty’s research profile focuses on its areas of strength in teaching and learning and is organised around the theme of Quality, Equity and Diversity. Areas of strength are Learning and Leadership, Religious Education and Mathematics Education and increasingly Literacy Education and Indigenous Education. The Faculty is home to a number of internationally recognised experts.

The Faculty offers a number of research degrees. The Doctor of Philosophy fosters development of independent research skills and the ability to relate a specific research topic to a broad framework of knowledge. It is practically oriented and useful in developing an effective understanding for the application of solutions to real world problems. The Doctor of Education is research-based, but concerned with the reflective application of advanced knowledge to problems of professional practice. The Doctor of Education (Research) is designed for professionals who wish to undertake doctoral level study so as to expand their theoretical bases for practice, to analyse current ideas and issues, and to address problems in educational practice. The Master of Education (Research) provides an excellent opportunity for students wishing to pursue a research pathway towards an EdD or PhD. It allows for an in-depth investigation of a particular issue of educational concern under the guidance of a supervisor.

Whether you come to the Faculty of Education to study, work, collaborate on a research project or network with our staff and students, we welcome you to experience the unique approach that the Faculty brings to the important work of educating our teachers and education leaders for the future, teachers and education leaders who are committed to a more just and equitable society and a sustainable environment.

I hope that you find us a supportive and stimulating learning community where you feel that you can contribute.