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Technology (Major)

Note: Specialisation only available at Strathfield campus; normally only available to students in the Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts course.

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Major and Minor sequences by campus

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
SCIT204 10

Science for Technologists (Inc: SCIO101 Science for Technologists, SCIO204 Science for Technologists)

TECH105 10

Design Principles (Inc: TECO105 Design Principles)

TECH107 10

Design Issues in Timber (Inc: TECO107 Design Issues in Timber)

TECH108 10

Designing in Textiles (Inc: TECO108 Designing in Textiles)

TECH206 10

Design Issues in Metal (Inc: TECO206 Design Issues in Metal)

TECH207 10

Food Management (Inc: TECO207 Food Management)

TECH208 10

Design and Manufacturing (Pre: TECH 107 Design Issues in Timber and TECH 206 Design Issues in Metal, Inc: TECO208 Design and Manufacturing)

TECH209 10

Textile Industries (Pre: TECH 108 Designing in Textiles Inc: TECO209 Textile Industries)

TECH210 10

Food and Nutrition (Pre: TECH 207 Food Management Inc: TECO210 Food and Nutrition)

TECH211 10

Control Systems (Pre: SCIO204 Science for Technologists Inc: TECO211 Control Systems)

TECH212 10

Textile Innovations (Pre: SCIO204 Science for Technologists Inc: TECO212 Textile Innovations)

TECH213 10 Food Industries (Pre: TECH 207 Food Management Inc: TECO213 Food Industries)
TECH306 10

Managing Innovation (Pre: 30 cp from advanced level units in Technology Inc: TECO306 Managing Innovation)

TECH307 10

Design and Technology Internship (Pre: 30 cp from advanced level units in Technology Inc: TECO307 Design and Technology Internship)