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Business Studies (Major)

Note: Students in Sydney undertake three of the four units in Years 1 and 2 of the course at the Strathfield campus and all units in Year 3 of the course at the North Sydney campus.

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Major and Minor sequences by campus

Unit Code Credit Points Unit Name
ACCT100 10 Principles of Accounting
ACCT204 10 Managerial Accounting A (Pre: ACCT100 Principles of Accounting)
ACCT207 10 Financial Accounting A (Pre: ACCT100 Principles of Accounting)
ACCT209 10 Financial Accounting B (Pre: ACCT207 Financial Accounting A)
ACCT300 10 Auditing and Assurance Services (Pre: ACCT100 Principles of Accounting)
BAFN200 10 Principles of Finance (Pre: ACCT100 Principles of Accounting)
BUSN202 10 Professional Ethics
ECON104 10 Business Economics
HRMG100 10 Management and People
HRMG201 10 Human Resource Development (Pre: HRMG100 Management and People)
HRMG202 10 Performance Management (Pre: HRMG100 Management and People)
HRMG204 10 Organisational Behaviour (Pre: HRMG100 Management and People)
HRMG303 10 Organisational Change (Pre: 120 cp including HRMG100 Management and People)
HRMG305 10 Contemporary Issues in HRM (Pre: 120 cp including 40 cp from the major in Human Resource Management)
HRMG310 10 International HRM (Pre: HRMG100 Management and People)
ISYS101 10 Fundamentals of Business IS (Inc: COMP104 Computing Systems)
ISYS110 10 Applied Business IS
MKTG100 10 Principles of Marketing
MKTG201 10 Consumer Behaviour (Pre: MKTG100 Principles of Marketing)
MKTG202 10 Marketing Communication (Pre: MKTG100 Principles of Marketing)
MKTG301 10 International Marketing (Pre: MKTG100 Principles of Marketing)
MKTG302 10 Retail Marketing (Pre: MKTG100 Principles of Marketing)
MKTG305 10 Services Marketing (Pre: MKTG100 Principles of Marketing)
MKTG311 10 E-Marketing (Pre: MKTG100 Principles of Marketing)