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7. accessACU - Entry Bonus Scheme

7.1 The University offers an Entry Bonus Scheme1,2 as follows:
    1. For students completing Year 12 or equivalent in the year of application for admission:
    2. Subject Bonus: based on subject performance in Year 12 subjects approved by the Faculty for the specific course in the relevant state/territory;
    3. Geographic Region Bonus: based on demonstration that the student lives in one of the areas designated for the relevant campus;
  1. For all eligible students;
    Special Access Bonus: based on demonstration of socio-economic or educational disadvantage.

7.2 The maximum number of bonus points that a student can gain under one or more of the above bonus schemes is 10 rank points.

7.3 Bonus points are added to the student’s raw ATAR or ITI score only for the purposes of determining eligibility for admission to courses offered by this University. The allocation of bonus points does not affect a student’s ENTER, OP or ATAR but supplements the student’s rank for the purpose of assessing his/her eligibility for admission to the course.3

7.4 The score required for attainment of the minimum eligibility score includes any bonus points awarded under this scheme.

1 This scheme is administered through the Tertiary Admissions Centres and direct application to ACU is neither required nor available.
2 The scheme is available only in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory for the 2010 admission cycle.
3 A rank is not the same as an ENTER, OP or ATAR score and one bonus point does not equate to one ENTER, OP or ATAR point.