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14. Applicants Subject to Termination, Exclusion or Suspension

14.1 An applicant whose enrolment, as a student of this or another university, has been terminated on the grounds of unsatisfactory academic performance will not be considered for admission into a course or individual unit(s) in the same or a similar discipline until at least one calendar year has elapsed from the date of termination. Such an applicant may, however, be considered for admission to a course in a different discipline.

14.2 Applicants for re-admission following termination of enrolment must demonstrate potential for improved performance in their course of study.

14.3 A student whose enrolment at this or another university has been suspended under any disciplinary provisions will not be eligible for consideration for admission into any course or individual unit(s) unless the suspension has been lifted or the duration of the suspension has expired. In cases where no specific period of exclusion or suspension has been identified, the applicant will be considered for admission not earlier than one calendar year from the date of exclusion or suspension. No credit will be granted for any study or other learning or practical experience undertaken at this University or elsewhere during the period of exclusion or suspension.

14.4 An undergraduate student who had successfully completed fewer than 80 credit points at this University at the time of termination, exclusion or suspension must re-apply through the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre. A student who has successfully completed at least 80 credit points may apply for re-admission by direct application at the end of the period of termination, exclusion or suspension.