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13. Transfers

13.1 Transfer Categories

A student may seek to transfer:

  1. from one program to another program, offered at the same or another campus
  2. within a program, from a fee-paying to a Commonwealth-supported place
  3. within a program, from one campus to another campus
  4. within a postgraduate fee-paying program, or at the request of the student, from a Commonwealth-supported place to a fee-paying place.

13.2 Timing of Application for Transfer

Transfers are available only from the commencement of a standard study period and must be lodged with Student Administration by the prescribed date and approved in accordance with approved authority and/or delegations.

13.3 Eligibility Criteria

Applications for internal transfers are determined on the basis of academic merit.
To be eligible for consideration for a transfer -

  1. the student must have:
    1. successfully completed at least one unit within the course of study in which he or she has gained a place;
    2. satisfied the prerequisite requirements for the program to which he or she is transferring;
    3. achieved a rank, calculated in accordance with these Rules, at least equivalent to the minimum rank required for entry to the program to which he or she is transferring, at the beginning of the relevant year at the given campus; and
  2. there must be a place of the relevant fee status (ie Commonwealth-supported place or fee-paying place) available for entry:
    1. in the course;
    2. at the relevant level1;
    3. at the campus to which the student is seeking to transfer; and
    4. for entry in the relevant study period.

13.4 Students Gaining Permanent Resident Status

If an international student gains Permanent Resident status –

  1. after gaining admission to the course but before the census date: provided places are available, the student may apply to transfer to domestic fee-paying status until they are successful in applying for a Commonwealth-supported place in accordance with standard procedures;
  2. after the census date in any semester: the student will remain liable for fees at the international student fee rate for that semester and, subject to places being available, may then either transfer to domestic fee-paying status or apply for a Commonwealth-supported place.

13.5 UniAccess and Non-award Students

The University may place a limit on the number of eligible UniAccess and non-award students who may transfer to Commonwealth-supported places in any study period or year. Applicants will be assigned a rank based on their GPA and offers will be made on the basis of academic merit. The applicant’s rank must be at least equivalent to the published minimum rank cut-off for the course in the relevant offer round.

13.6 Transfer to Fee-paying Place

In some circumstances, domestic students, or international students who have been granted Permanent Residency, may seek to transfer from a Commonwealth-supported or international fee-paying place to a domestic fee-paying place. Any such student must submit a Course/Campus Transfer Application. The application will normally be approved unless the Course Coordinator recommends otherwise.

1 In the case of a student transferring with credit for prior study in the course, a place must be available at the relevant course level, having regard to that credit; alternatively the student would be required to relinquish some or all of such credit.