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12. Deferment of a Place

12.1 Unless the relevant Dean otherwise determines for a particular program, the Admissions Officer may approve an application by a student to defer the offer of a place in an undergraduate course, subject to the following provisos:

  1. Requests for deferment must be lodged prior to commencement of the relevant standard study period.
  2. Deferments for Commonwealth-supported places may be limited.
  3. The maximum duration of a deferment is two years.
  4. Deferment can only be granted for the course in which the student has received the offer of a place.
  5. Deferments cannot normally be transferred to the same course at another campus.

12.2 Deferment will not be granted where the student undertakes another course of tertiary study at this or any other university or post-secondary education provider.

12.3 Deans may choose not to grant deferments in any course or any admission cycle.

12.4 An applicant whose application to defer admission has been approved will be guaranteed a place in the course and at the campus for which the original offer was made in either of the next two academic years, provided that the course is available to commencing students in the releveant year. Deferred applicants will receive written confirmation of their deferred place.

12.5 A deferment will lapse if the applicant does not respond to an invitation to take up the deferred place in either year or the applicant does not complete enrolment requirements by the date specified in the letter of invitation.

12.6 It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform the Admissions Section of any postal address change so that required materials can be mailed at the end of the deferment period.

12.7 If a deferment lapses, the applicant will be required to reapply for admission and to compete for a place at the appropriate time. If the applicant wishes to be considered for a place in a different course, re-application in accordance with standard admission application practices will be required.

12.8 A deferred place is not available for postgraduate and non-award applications.