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5. Fees

5.1 Levying fees and charges

The University may from time to time prescribe fees or charges associated with student enrolments, the due dates for payment thereof and penalties for failure to adhere to the due date for a nominated course of action, or failure to pay the prescribed amount by the relevant due date.

5.2 Payment requirements

A person who is in debt to the University because of non-payment of any fee, charge or other debt to the University and who fails to make satisfactory settlement of that debt after notice from the University may not be permitted to -

  1. enrol or re-enrol in any program or unit;
  2. receive a result in any program or unit completed; or
  3. graduate from any program or receive any award of the University:

until the debt is repaid or arrangements, satisfactory to the Academic Registrar, have been made for settlement of the debt.

If as a result of a student varying his/her enrolment under these Regulations any further fee becomes payable, the variation of enrolment will not take effect until such further amounts have been paid.

5.3 Units not prescribed in the course requirements

A Commonwealth-supported place will be available only for study in units prescribed for completion of the relevant course. If a student seeks to enrol in units not so required, he or she may do so only on a fee-paying basis and subject to the approval of the Course Coordinator.