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4. Enrolment

4.1 Program enrolment
4.2 Change of Personal or Correspondence Details
4.3 Addition of units
4.4 Withdrawal
4.5 Cross-institutional enrolment
4.6 Enrolment in more than one program
4.7 Credit for previous study or learning
4.8 Time limit
4.9 Substitution
4.10 Interruption of studies
4.11 Applicable program rules

4.1 Program enrolment

4.1.1 Requirements for enrolment and re-enrolment

In order to become an enrolled or re-enrolled student, a person who has been offered a place in a program must, by the prescribed date –

  1. complete the required enrolment or re-enrolment procedures; and
  2. pay all relevant University and government fees and charges.

4.1.2 Fee for late re-enrolment or variation

A person who fails to complete procedures for re-enrolment or variation of enrolment by the due date will be required to pay a late fee in order to be an enrolled student.

4.1.3 Constraint on enrolment

The University may limit the number of enrolments in any unit in any study period and may make any unit available only to students in a nominated cohort(s) or program(s).

4.1.4 Non-acceptance of enrolment or variation of enrolment after prescribed date

Enrolment in a program or unit or variation of enrolment will not be accepted after the relevant date prescribed by the University.

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4.2 Change of personal or correspondence details

Students must formally notify the University immediately, in accordance with prescribed procedures, of any change of name or address. Documentary evidence must be provided as proof of change of name.

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4.3 Addition of units

4.3.1 Period for adding units

A student may add a unit to an existing enrolment, provided that such changes are actioned:

  1. within the first two weeks in a standard study period; or
  2. before commencement of a non-standard study period.

4.3.2 Late addition of units

A student may add a unit to an existing enrolment after the periods noted in Regulation 4.3.1 above only if authorised by the Lecturer-in-Charge and approved by the Course Coordinator within 30 days after the census date; any such late change may incur liability for additional fees and charges.

4.3.3 Credit point limit in a semester

A student may not enrol in more units than a normal full-time program load in any semester without the approval of the Course Coordinator. The student's previous academic record will be taken into account in determining the application.

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4.4 Withdrawal

4.4.1 Withdrawal from units

Students should seek advice from the Course Coordinator before withdrawing from units. The formal withdrawal remains the responsibility of the student.

4.4.2 Non-effective enrolments

If a student withdraws up to the census date in the relevant study period, the enrolment will be regarded as non-effective and will not be recorded on the transcript.

A commencing student who withdraws from his/her course prior to the census date in the first semester of his/her course is deemed not to have accepted their offer of enrolment and to have never been a student.

4.4.3 Withdrawal without academic penalty

A student may withdraw from a unit without academic penalty up to the following dates:

  1. in semester 1: 30 April;
  2. in semester 2: 30 September; or
  3. in a professional experience or community engagement unit: normally one week after commencement of the professional experience or community engagement placement; or
  4. in a non-standard study period: two weeks after the census date.

4.4.4 Special circumstances

In special circumstances, the Course Coordinator may approve an application from a student to be withdrawn from a unit without academic penalty after the above dates and prior to the commencement of the central examination period in a standard study period or the end of classes in a non-standard study period1. Where the Course Coordinator verifies that a student did not complete the requirements for the unit and the student has been granted a re-credit of Student Learning Entitlement and/or a refund of fees due to special circumstances (in accordance with the Higher Education Support Act), the student will be withdrawn from the relevant unit(s) without academic penalty. In the case of a professional experience or community engagement unit, such approval may be considered, provided that the student can produce evidence that he/she has completed no more than one third of the practicum or community engagement and submits supporting documentation or evidence.

4.4.5 Withdrawal with academic penalty

A student will be recorded as having withdrawn/failed a unit if the student withdraws from the unit after the date for cancellation without penalty but prior to –

  1. the central examination period for a standard study period; or
  2. the end of classes in a non-standard study period.

4.4.6 Withdrawal from professional experience or community engagement unit by the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) On the advice of the relevant Course Coordinator, a student may be withdrawn from a professional experience or community engagement placement by the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) or nominee if the student –

  1. has not satisfactorily completed a course of studies which constitute prerequisites for such a placement;
  2. has committed an act of misconduct for the purposes of Statute 10 Student Conduct and Discipline;
  3. has behaved in such a way as to have breached the professional conduct expectations of the supervising organisation;
  4. is consistently unable, after due instruction and guidance, to perform the skills required at an appropriate standard attainable through supervision by University staff or on-site supervisory staff;
  5. is in a state of health, whether mental or physical, which makes the student unfit to undertake the placement; or
  6. is considered by the supervising organisation to have breached guidelines for placement, is performing significantly below a pass standard and/or is disrupting the conduct of the business or undertaking of the supervising organisation. In any such case, after investigation of the matter, the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) or nominee will advise the student in writing of –

  1. the reasons for the withdrawal;
  2. the regulations pertaining to unsatisfactory performance. A student who has been withdrawn from a professional experience or community engagement unit by the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) or nominee will be awarded a Fail (NN) grade for that unit and will be subject to the requirements under Regulation, except that a student who has been withdrawn under Regulation (e) will be withdrawn without academic penalty (WW) and will be required to gain approval from the Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) for readmission to the unit in any subsequent placement period.

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4.5 Cross-institutional enrolment

With the approval of the Course Coordinator a student may be enrolled concurrently at this University and another tertiary institution in a unit or units which, if successfully completed, will be credited to the student’s program in this University.

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4.6 Enrolment in more than one program

A student may not normally enrol concurrently in more than one program. This provision may be waived in exceptional circumstances with the approval of all relevant Course Coordinators.

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4.7 Credit for previous study or learning

4.7.1 Types of credit

The Course Coordinator may grant credit towards a program of this University for previous tertiary studies and/or recognised prior learning. Credit may be in the form of any one or more of the following:

  • Specified Credit: credit granted for one or more units of the program. Specified Credit will only be granted if the student has previously passed units substantially the same as the unit/s for which Specified Credit is sought.
  • Block Credit: credit granted for complete sections of the program, equivalent to at least one semester.
  • Unspecified Credit: credit granted, usually in the form of credit points, if previous study does not correspond precisely with components of the program or for recognised prior learning. Unspecified credit is granted only for elective or general studies components of programs. It cannot be granted in programs which do not contain such components.
  • If Block or Unspecified Credit is granted the amount of credit granted will be expressed in terms of credit points and identified in terms of the program completion requirements.

Credit will not be granted for segments of a unit.

4.7.2 Credit applications

Applications for credit and/or recognised prior learning should normally be submitted no later than the census date in the first semester of the student’s enrolment in the program.

A student who has failed a unit may not subsequently seek credit for that unit unless the application is based on tertiary studies successfully completed after the student had failed the unit.

4.7.3 Maximum allowable credit

The maximum credit that may be granted on the basis of previously completed qualification(s) (other than a designated suite of courses) or recognised prior learning is:

  • Bachelor’s [4th Year Upgrade]: one-half of the course
  • Bachelor’s degree: two-thirds of the course
  • Honours requirements: 30 cp
  • Associate degree: 100 cp
  • Diploma: one-half of the course
  • Dual bachelor degrees: one-half of the dual course
  • Graduate entry bachelor degree: one-half of the course
  • Postgraduate/Graduate Certificate: one-half of the course
  • Postgraduate/Graduate Diploma: one-half of the course
  • Master’s degree excluding theses, dissertations or research projects:
    • two-thirds of the course in the case of a 120 credit point degree
    • 100 cp in the case of a 160 credit point degree
    • one-half of the course in the case of an 80 credit point degree

Non-award course: one-half of the non-award course requirements.

4.7.4 Minimum level of studies required for an award of this University

Normally a student must complete at least one-third of the units required for a program, and at least one-quarter of the units required for a major, double major or specialisation -

  1. by studies undertaken at this University; and
  2. in units not credited towards another completed award.

The amount of credit granted to a student holding more than one award must be no more than the maximum which would have been available for any one such award.

If a student has been granted the maximum available credit, in accordance with Regulation 4.7.3, for studies undertaken at another institution or for recognised prior learning, approval will not normally be granted for other units to be undertaken elsewhere on a cross-institutional basis.

4.7.5 Time limit on credit for prior studies

Unless the Head of School otherwise approves on the basis of evidence of subsequent development and life or work experience in the discipline, credit will be granted only for work completed within the last ten years and such credit will lapse ten years from the date of passing relevant units (or completing other learning) on which the credit was based.

4.7.6 Credit once only

Credit for prior study or learning or on the basis of any completed award may be granted once only towards any other program of this University.

4.7.7 Level of prior studies for which credit may be granted

In an undergraduate or graduate entry pre-service course, credit may be granted on the basis of prior appropriate and successful undergraduate, graduate entry pre-service or postgraduate studies. In a postgraduate course, credit may be granted on the basis of prior successful postgraduate studies only.

4.7.8 Study undertaken during period of termination, suspension or exclusion

A student may not be granted credit towards any program for any study or learning undertaken elsewhere during any period of termination of enrolment, suspension or exclusion from this or another University or other educational institution.

4.7.9 Application for review of credit granted

A student who is dissatisfied with the decision concerning credit may write to the Head of School seeking a review of the decision. The decision of the Head of School will be final.

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4.8 Time limit

Unless the program rules otherwise specify or the Dean otherwise approves –

  1. a student must complete the requirements of the program within ten years of first undertaking any units counted or credited towards the program requirements; and
  2. credit for any unit or prior learning completed more than ten years previously will lapse.

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4.9 Substitution

In special circumstances the Course Coordinator may approve a student's substituting an equivalent unit from this or another university for a required unit in a program. Where a substitute unit was undertaken at this University and within the relevant course of study, that unit will be recorded on the student’s academic transcript and Credit Granted will not be recorded for the unit in place of which the substitute unit was approved.

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4.10 Interruption of studies

A student who has completed and achieved final results for at least one semester of his/her course may interrupt his/her studies. Such a student may subsequently resume his/her studies, subject to any other relevant provisions of these Regulations2.

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4.11 Applicable program rules

4.11.1 If the program rules change during the currency of a student’s enrolment for the program, the student should follow the approved transition program. In exceptional circumstances, where the student has pursued the course without interruption and pursuit of the transitional program would substantially disadvantage the student, the Dean may permit him/her to complete the program under the rules applicable at the time of initial enrolment, within a timeframe approved by the Dean.

Note: Normally the maximum period during which a student would be permitted to complete a course under ‘old’ rules would be four standard study periods beyond the minimum time for course completion.

4.11.2 A student returning from interruption of studies of more than one semester must consult the Course Coordinator regarding the requirements for completion of the program. Such a student will normally be required to complete the program in accordance with the conditions and program rules in force at the time of the return.

4.11.3 A student returning after interruption of studies of more than four standard study periods must consult the Course Coordinator regarding the requirements for completion of the program. Such a student may need to undertake additional requirements to ensure currency of knowledge sufficient to enable the student to complete the program under the rules in force at the time of the student’s return to study.

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1This approval must be granted in accordance with the process outlined in the Assessment Policy.
2For example in relation to liability for termination of enrolment, time limit on enrolment, applicable program rules and any other relevant provisions.