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Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes and Awards

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Australian Catholic University Foundation and various benefactors fund a number of scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards to support and recognise the achievements of students. Some are open to all enrolled students; others are restricted to students in particular courses or even at particular campuses. For further information visit the website: or contact the Foundation Office:

General Award Rules

  1. Unless otherwise stated, academic merit will be a determining factor in the awarding of all scholarships, bursaries, prizes or other awards.
  2. Scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards are awarded at the discretion of the University and are subject to funding being available.
  3. An award shall not be made in any year if it is considered that there is no candidate of sufficient merit.

General Scholarship Rules

  1. Where an award is made “for the length of the course”, the applicable period will be the standard duration of the course as specified in the course rules. Where an undergraduate student undertakes a dual degree or honours degree, the award will be for the standard duration of the single undergraduate pass degree only.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, recipients of awards must be Australian citizens or have Australian Residency status.
  3. Where an award is made for a continuing period of more than one year, the conditions for continuation of the award for each year will include a requirement that the student gain a minimum grade of Pass in all units in which he/she was enrolled in the previous year. Personal circumstances may be taken into consideration in exceptional circumstances, if the student has not satisfied this requirement.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, recipients must remain enrolled as full-time students at the campus at which the award was granted.

Equity Scholarships
A number of the University’s own scholarships have been designated as Institutional Equity Scholarships (IES) and are identified after the scholarship name.
In addition there are approximately 140 equity scholarships, known as the Commonwealth Scholarships (CS), funded by the Commonwealth government.
Commonwealth Scholarships (CS) are intended to facilitate choice in higher education and to increase participation in higher education of undergraduate students from low socio-economic backgrounds by providing them with some financial assistance.

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