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Admissions Policy

1. Admission Rules 4. Administration of admission processes
2. Academic Board to determine requirements for admission 5. Consistency of entry requirements when courses offered on multiple campuses
3. Availabilty of places 6. Fee paying places

1. Admission Rules

This Policy will be read in conjunction with the Admission Rules.

2. Academic Board to determine requirements for admission

Academic Board will determine the requirements to be met for entry to a course.

3. Availability of places

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs), after consultation with the Faculty Deans, will determine the number of commencing places available for each course in each semester/year. Separate quotas will be determined for Commonwealth-supported and fee-paying places. Offers may be made only within the parameters of such approval and specific approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) must be obtained for any variation from such parameters.[1]

4. Administration of admission processes

Admissions will be administered on behalf of the University by designated Admissions Officers through the Manager, Admissions, in accordance with the Admission Rules, this Policy and related policies. The Manager will liaise with Heads of School and/or their nominees regarding the selection of qualified applicants.

5. Consistency of entry requirements when courses offered on multiple campuses

Notwithstanding different state/territory frameworks, the substance of ACU National entry requirements for any course will be as consistent as possible across states/territory, provided that different cut-offs may apply for the same course offered on different campuses.

The Admissions Officer(s) will record the basis for ranking of applicants in such circumstances.

6. Fee paying places

6.1 The entry score for fee-paying places available to domestic or international students may be lower than the cut off for Commonwealth-supported places by not more than 2 OP points or 5 UAI, ENTER or TER points or ranks, provided that any such applicant must nevertheless satisfy the minimum eligibility requirement for admission to ACU National and must satisfy all other entry requirements prescribed for the course.

6.2 Where an undergraduate course has available fee-paying places as well as Commonwealth-supported places, the University will fill its Commonwealth-supported places before offering fee-paying places to domestic students.

6.3 The number of eligible fee-paying, UniAccess and non-award students who may transfer to Commonwealth-supported places will be capped at 30% in total of the commencing load in the relevant course (nationally). Applicants will be assigned a rank based on their GPA and offers will be made on the basis of academic merit. The applicant’s rank must be at least equivalent to the published minimum rank cut-off for the course in the relevant offer round.

Appendix 1 - Admission Cut-offs
Appendix 2 - Calculation of Rank

[1] See Annual Allocation of Commonwealth Grant Scheme Places and Development and Application of the Admissions Model.