Research Degrees

Domestic Higher Degree Research candidates are funded for the maximum regulation term of study through the Commonwealth’s Research Training Scheme (RTS). After the regulation period covered by RTS has lapsed, candidates who have not completed their research degree may be required to pay tuition fees, as set by the University Research Committee (URC). Please Note: funding does not refer to coursework components of the concurrent Master of Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Continuation of candidature is dependent upon the candidate adhering to the Research and Professional Doctorate Degree Regulations and maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

Admission to Candidature

Application forms for admission are available from the Graduate Research website: or by emailing

Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents apply directly to Graduate Research:

PO Box 968
North Sydney NSW 2059
Telephone: (+61 2) 9739 2588

International students please note that applications are lodged through the International Office


Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents undertaking research degrees are eligible for RTS places which cover the tuition fees of the University.

International candidates who are not awarded an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, or a tuition fee waiver as part of an ACU Scholarship, pay full international tuition fees.


ACU offers a number of scholarships to local and international research candidates. Information about these scholarships, including the application process is available from the Graduate Research website:


Scholarship applications for the main round of scholarships close on 17 October of each year. Decisions regarding postgraduate research scholarships are normally made at the end of each calendar year. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

ACU may offer a round of postgraduate research scholarships in March/April of each year.

Additional Information

Candidates are admitted to undertake one of the following research degrees in fields of study relevant to the expertise and strength of the University.

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