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Admissions Policy

1. Admission Rules

This Policy will be read in conjunction with the Admission Rules.

2. Academic Board to determine requirements for admission

Academic Board will determine the requirements to be met for entry to a course.

3. Availability of places

The Provost, after consultation with the Faculty Executive Deans, will determine the number of commencing places available for each course in each semester/year. Separate quotas will be determined for Commonwealth-supported and, where relevant, fee-paying places. If any differentiation is required in relation to applicants entering with credit for prior study, this will be specified in the Provost’s determination. Offers may be made only within the parameters of such approval and specific approval of the Provost must be obtained for any variation from such parameters.1

4. Administration of admission processes

Admission of domestic applicants will be administered by designated Admissions Officers through the Manager, Admissions. Admissions of international applicants will be administered by designated International Admissions Officers through the Associate Director, International Admissions and Student Relations. All applications will be administered in accordance with the Admissions Rules, this Policy and related policies, and in consultation with Heads of School and/or their nominees as required.

5. Consistency of entry requirements when courses offered on multiple campuses

Notwithstanding different state/territory frameworks, the substance of the University’s entry requirements for any course will be as consistent as possible across states/territory, provided that different cut-offs may apply for the same course offered on different campuses.

The Admissions Officer(s) will record the basis for ranking of applicants in such circumstances.

6. Honours courses

Offers of admission to an honours course require the approval of the Head of School or nominee and will only be made where the student’s proposed area of study aligns with a demonstrated capacity for honours research within the School.

1 See Annual Allocation of Commonwealth Grant Scheme Places and Development and Application of the Admissions Model.